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09 June 2011 @ 08:50 pm
Fic title: Stockholm
Author name: kenda1l
Artist name: zaipixie
Genre: RPS AU
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 31,500
Warnings: Supporting Character Death, AU, Sex, um, Bondage? Kinda? Boys being bound, anyways. Blood and Violence definitely. A tiny bit of drug use and use of date rape drug for non-rape related reasons. And surprisingly, some humor. Who knew?

Summary: Jared wakes in the cold and dark, bound. The victim of a kidnapping, the only silver lining is that he's not alone. Jensen, a man he'd met and lusted after only the night before, has been dragged along with him as 'collateral damage'. Now, they have to discover a way out of their basement prison before their captor realizes that Jared and his multi-million dollar father have been estranged for years. Together, they begin to plan their escape, but things aren’t as they seem, and as things take a turn for the violent, secrets threaten to tear apart their budding relationship.

Fic Masterpost

Third year in a row! Why do I do this to myself??? I know why - I CAN'T HELP IT!! It's so damn rewarding once it's posted and I love to collaborate with the amazing writers I've been lucky to work with. And this year there was no exception! kenda1l had written a great fic for me to sink my teeth into and I promptly had to pull out my speshul baseball bat, the chains and my stern face and go pull my muse out of hiding from under the bed. She finally broke down and helped me out and what follows is the result!

But first! GO READ THE FIC!!

Graphics for the fic Stockholm that you just read.... Right?Collapse )
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11 October 2010 @ 02:16 am
Long time no see! At least it feels like it.

I've been more productive these past few days than I've been in ages! I've even entered a couple of icontests over at samcro_stills and merlin_stills. Even won me some banners!




Motorcycles and Magic!Collapse )
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30 September 2010 @ 01:38 pm
This is me having some fun.

And then sticking my neck out to get laughed at...

I suck at drawing people - always had. Horses on the other hand, I've been drawing them since I could hold a pen. And it shows! :P

And the composition sucks and.... I really need to stop making these excuses!


The lovely original image is by yavannauk

click for original size

Comments are great, just be gentle with me. I'm such a newbie at this it's not even funny!
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Title: A Handful of Rain
Genre: J2 AU
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 34 000
Summary: Life on the streets had taught Jensen that everything came with a price. Family was a word that meant the people who kicked you out, religion was nothing more than a free meal, and salvation something that he could buy for ten bucks a hit down on the bad side of town. Scoring had become his full-time job, and finding a safe place to sleep was what he did in his time off. It was only a matter of time until this life caught up with him. Now, strung out and with no where else to go, Jensen finds himself following his feet to a place he never thought he would go--to the home of a stranger who can unfailingly see past Jensen's mistakes, and who can see right through to the good that is still left within him. The challenge is getting Jensen to see it as well.

Fic Masterpost

This is the second year I've entered this wonderful folly that is SPN/J2 Big Bang, and I'm still loving every minute of it! Life has thrown me some really dodgy curve balls lately though, so I'm more than usually scattered!brained... The intentions were from the beginning to have a very cohesive style, but alas... I just went all over the place! But it was fun, and I don't regret a minute of it. Especially since I managed once again to pick a story that is beautifully written! Lots of love and heartbreak and tough themes. If you haven't read it yet - go do so. Now. Shoo!!

Click to go to the art post. Not dial-up friendly I'm afraid.... and there are spoilers for the fic. But not too much I think....Collapse )
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07 January 2010 @ 02:03 pm
Third batch. It's a small one, but since I finally managed to finish the themed 50 - I wanted to post them. Now I "only" have Artist Choice icons left to do!

Lucky thirteen...


The rest is HERE
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16 December 2009 @ 12:44 am
This is the second batch of my icons100 folly.

Another twenty. Only sixty to go now...


The rest is HERE
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10 December 2009 @ 11:30 pm
The first batch of my SPN claim over at icons100 is up. I made it easy for myself and the first twenty is simply the first twenty themes of the table.

Damn it was a long time since I did this last... Hope ya'll enjoy them as much as I did making them!


The rest is HERE
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: chipperchipper
12 November 2009 @ 08:59 am
re-posted from inside_kinnetik

Those who know me knows that I'm a bit scattered brained, and when you read this tutorial you'll agree.... I do change my mind a lot and I do make a lot of unnecessary steps. But it's just how I work. And I wanted to show you that it's ok to be sort of "all over the place" as long as you're happy with what comes out of it.

Anyway. I hope you will like it.

I'm using Photoshop CS2 for this.

We're gonna go....


Follow the bad pixie and I'll show you how.... Collapse )
12 November 2009 @ 08:56 am
re-posted from inside_kinnetik

I've been playing a bit with colors lately and thought I would share some.

As usual - I'm all scattered brained and I'm guessing a lot of the steps are unnecessary, but to me that's half the fun. I'm piling stuff into the layers palette and see what comes out of it.

To be able to follow this tutorial you'll need at least general knowledge about the software (at least for the last step, where I got a bit lazy).

Enough dancing around the issue! Let's get started.

I'm using Photoshop CS2.

And we're gonna go....

Link to original Screen Cap

This is how I did it...Collapse )
re-posted from inside_kinnetik

This little tutorial came about when I was talking to vlredreign about how to crop difficult pictures. She was working with the cap we're gonna use, and had trouble getting the boys to 'fit' inside the 100x100 frame. The idea about maybe writing a bit of a tutorial for this 'problem' popped up and... here we are! The idea and composition for the finished product is all credit to vlredreign!

We're going from:


click images to see their original size

and then as an added Red-extra,

we'll go from:

So you've found this great cap and you really want to make it into an icon. But no matter how you crop it, it wont really fit...Collapse )
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